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    New Boom Lifts For Sale

    Browse our inventory of new boom lifts! These versatile and powerful machines will allow your business to tackle a diverse set of jobs. Shop now to find a high-quality lift to fit your needs.

    Boom lifts have found their way into more work sites than any other type of lift. These pieces of machinery can lift loads safely, but their most significant help is in being able to lift a human or two to high places in a safe manner. These lifts are often found lifting roofers on work sites, where both the workers and material can be moved quickly. They are widely used in agriculture for fruit harvesting and by city workers who need to trim trees, replace street lamps or wash windows. Here at Illinois Lift, we carry new boom lifts that can help you perform jobs in higher places with ease and safety.

    Why Buy New?

    Buying a new boom lift affords you the security of knowing your equipment is in the best possible condition. The investment pays for itself in loss of downtime, fewer accidents and an increase in the overall assets your company can count on.
    When you buy a new boom lift, you know that you have a fully functioning piece of equipment that can easily be accessorized or repaired should the need arise. There is a guarantee that the machine is sporting the most recent innovations in worksite safety, that all the parts are without wear and tear and that the overall construction has not been weakened by prior accidents or the overall wear that time puts on equipment.

    Why Illinois Lift?

    Choosing to buy your boom lift from us means you have years of experience to count on. It also means you are getting the best possible deal on your new equipment. Our trained representatives have the knowledge to guide you to the correct choice quickly. We know you need your lift quickly and we strive to do everything in our power to see that is possible. We offer financing options that won’t cause you undue hardship, especially if your business is new. The best way to find out how we can help you with purchasing a new boom lift is to contact us today for a free quote. Talk to one of our staff members and let them know what your needs are. We can take it from there and have you ready to start using your new boom lift in less time than you can imagine.

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