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    New Forklifts For Sale

    View our full selection of new forklifts! These workhorses of modern industry are the perfect addition to make your business more productive. With our wide selection, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the one that fits your needs.

    At Illinois Lift, we have a large selection of new Viper forklifts to help you with your daily lifting needs. Viper has repeatedly proven its dedication to high-quality lifts, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the newest this brand has to offer. The Viper brand has all the most recent safety features available, is easy to operate and comes in some different models that make finding the perfect piece of equipment for your job easier.

    Why Buy New?

    A quality forklift can make any workplace more productive. You need to be able to rely on your equipment to be there and be ready to perform when you need it. New forklifts can give you that guarantee that they are going to work the first time and for a long time coming. You don’t have to worry that a part may wear out unexpectedly or that you won’t be able to get accessories quickly should your job require something you don’t have at the moment.
    New lifts come with more significant guarantees, a more extended expected lifespan and the most up-to-date safety and performance features. With a new piece of equipment, the net worth of your business increases, as well as the lift, is considered a considerably better asset than a used lift.

    Why Illinois Lift?

    We are dedicated to being able to provide our customers with high-quality equipment at affordable prices. Our knowledgeable staff can help answer your questions and can help you decide what model is best for your particular needs. We provide a wide selection of inventory, quick delivery, and financing options that can have you up and running in a minimal amount of time. We know that time is money for you and make every effort to see that you don’t lose productive days waiting to get what you need. Contact us for a free quote today. Trusting your new forklift needs to us is trusting a history of quality service at affordable prices. We offer the best deals in the area because we truly care about your success.

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