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    Used Genie Boom Lifts for Sale

    Throughout its long history, the Genie company has proven time and again the notion that customers know what they want. Genie boom lifts have gotten to where they are now in both design and quality because the company has always taken the time to listen to customers and see what they want.

    They don’t only listen, they took those ideas and incorporated them into each new product. The leaders of the company also listened to the ideas of employees, knowing that those who do the actual assembly know what is practical, what works, and what doesn’t.

    This dedication and willingness to listen have resulted in an ever-increasing line of quality lifts that often do the jobs other lifts can’t.

    Benefits of Genie Boom Lifts

    The unique construction of these lifts allows them to be operated in spaces that may be too small for other brands. Some of the used Genie boom lifts we have can operate while the body of the equipment stays still and the boom is moved to where it needs to be.

    This allows for greater stability, especially on ground that may be uneven and not enable the whole lift to be moved in close.

    Another thing you can be sure of when you purchase a Genie product is that regardless of when it was manufactured, you will be able to get someone on the phone that can help answer your questions or troubleshoot any issues.

    Genie doesn’t only focus on its new products but stands behind all of them.

    Why Get Your Genie Boom Lift From Us

    At Illinois Lift Equipment, we have the same dedication to our customers that the Genie manufacturers have.

    Our trained representatives are here to answer all your questions, give you quotes on purchasing a used Genie boom lift, or in finding accessories that help increase the functionality of the lift. We offer the best deals on used genie boom lifts, and we back up our products.

    Here at Illinois Lift Equipment, customers are what keep us in business, and we don’t take that lightly. Quality products, excellent customer service, and the best prices around all add up to an ideal buying experience for you.

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