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    Caterpillar Forklifts for Sale

    We couldn’t call ourselves the go-to forklift provider if we didn’t include Caterpillar brand forklifts in our inventory. This is typically the first brand people around the world think of when quality and dependability are in question. Cat forklifts didn’t come by their reputation quickly, they’ve earned their reputation over the years and are still improving every year to give you the safest, most dependable equipment to meet all your transportation needs.

    Safe and Efficient

    The variety of equipment available under the Caterpillar name covers needs for every kind of business, from indoor stockrooms to rugged construction sites, and everything in-between. Cat forklifts include such features as:

    • Equipment that can handle loads from a mere 2,500 pounds to a whopping 36,000 pounds. There really isn’t a load that a Caterpillar forklift can’t handle.
    • Improved diesel emissions, which provide greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. You can use our equipment to build in designated green areas without risking disturbing the air quality.
    • Innovative features such as fingertip control for ease of operation. Operators can concentrate on the task at hand rather than worrying about how to operate the equipment itself.
    • An advanced Presence Detection System (PDS), providing the driver a greater sense of security than other brands. Onboard displays also give the operator the necessary information to maximize safety.

    Three Categories of Forklifts

    Not every forklift is meant for every situation and Caterpillar designers took that into consideration. Available models include both engine-driven and electric models.

    • Diesel – These are the outdoorsmen of forklifts. Created to withstand the daily rigors of work, they have the ability to traverse the roughest terrain and can handle the demands of constant daily use.
    • LPG – These engine-powered vehicles are made to be versatile. They can handle indoor and outdoor work. You can unload a truck in a paved parking lot and put the stock exactly where it needs to be in the deepest parts of your warehouse, all without changing vehicles. This saves both time and money.
    • Electric – Electric pneumatic and cushion tire lift trucks offer a range of accessories that help protect your valuable items. You can use these forklifts to move something as breakable as glass, yet they are tough enough to handle lumber and other heavy material. The electric power provides a clean air environment inside buildings. These provide the optimal amount of control and can handle the extremes in temperature that often come with warehouse jobs.

    Why Illinois Lift Equipment

    At Illinois Lift, we carry a large inventory of Caterpillar forklifts. Our quality service, knowledgeable crew, and reasonable pricing make us a favorite among our customers. Contact us for a free quote today and you could be on your way to the best forklift you’ve ever had tomorrow.

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