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    Toyota Forklifts

    For decades, Toyota’s cars and trucks have proven to be dependable vehicles and they want their forklifts to uphold the same reputation. Made in the United States, Toyota has led the forklift market for over fifteen years. Toyota’s attention to operator safety, efficiency, and productivity starts before assembly. Their lift equipment keeps these key elements in mind starting at the design stage and not one piece of equipment leaves the factory until it has been tested and proven worthy of the Toyota name.

    How Toyota Forklifts Help You Work Better

    Toyota understands that not every job requires the same piece of equipment. They have models that can help indoor warehouse workers move pallets, boxes, and other material wherever it needs to be moved. Electric-powered models keep indoor air safe for those who work there. Large construction projects have high-capacity models to choose from. These make covering rough terrain as smooth as crossing a concrete parking area. The variety of attachments available allow your forklift to do a number of different tasks, from stacking boxes to lifting heavy bricks and boards to higher levels of a construction project.

    Safety is a Priority

    Safety is always first in Toyota forklift design. Monitoring and alarm capabilities keep drivers from getting too close to objects or moving things improperly. The seats are designed to create the optimal seating position to protect the spine from hours of sitting.

    Toyota knows that you need to have equipment you can depend on. Their vehicles are constructed of quality materials that will keep them working as long as you need them to. More than efficiency, Toyota knows that people are your greatest asset and they design their equipment to make any job easier and safer for those who operate it.

    Working With Illinois Lift Equipment

    Illinois Lift Equipment has years of experience in the forklift industry. Our selection of both new and used Toyota forklifts offer you the opportunity to find the perfect piece of equipment to meet your lifting needs. Our knowledgeable staff will help you determine which direction you need to go in order to get the greatest value for the most reasonable price. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction that makes it the smartest choice to turn to us when you have forklift needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs, ask any questions you may have, and receive a free quote. We’ll have you equipped and back on task in as little time possible.

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